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Our Story

Roslyn grew up on a dairy farm at Mt Beppo, Toogoolawah with her first taste of the humble cumquat coming from a tree at the side of the farmhouse. She was immediately captivated by the flavour and began making her own cumquat marmalade

She shared her passion for the fruit with her children by gathering cumquats from a friend's tree on their walk home from school, making cumquat marmalade as a special school lunchbox treat.

Having developed a palate for cumquat marmalade, Roslyn was always in search of a jar and with her family now educated on the appeal of this delicious fruit, Roslyn followed her passion and planted her own cumquat orchard, where she began making her own cumquat products. 

And this was the beginning of Cumquats Australia!

In the early stages, availability of the fruit was limited and Roslyn would source extra fruit from the local area. 

Fast forward to today and Cumquats Australia now produces a growing range of cumquat products, all proudly made with fruit from our own orchard. 

All products are handmade in small batches in Cressbrook, Queensland, Australia, and are gluten free, without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

Our purpose here at Cumquats Australia, is to produce high-quality cumquat products that appeal to the palates of cumquat lovers and those experiencing this delicious fruit for the first time.

What was once only found in the back of grandmas' recipe book, Cumquat marmalade has now found its way onto the tables of Cumquat lovers from all over Australia.

But, this delicious treat is no longer limited to a jar. Cumquats have blossomed and can now be found in a range of products including syrups, pastes and shrubs all with fitting applications in a range of sensational recipes.

The humble cumquat has taken center stage and can now be used in everything from salads to desserts - giving this amazing fruit the recognition it deserves!

Roslyn's dream is for the humble 'cumquat' to become a common citrus in kitchens across Australia. Through its unique flavour, she hopes to introduce people to a positive new taste experience of this everyday culinary delight.