Our Story

Roslyn grew up on a dairy farm, Mt Beppo Toogoolawah, her first encounter with a cumquat was from a tree located at the side of the farm house. The taste was alarming, yet sensational when prepared as a marmalade. Roslyn ensured her children also had a childhood experience of the humble cumquat, by gathering cumquats from a friend’s tree on the walk home from school and making cumquat marmalade for a school lunch time treat.

With a palate for cumquat marmalade she was always in search of a jar. Once her family was educated she followed her cumquat passion and planted an orchard.

The cumquat products are proudly handmade in small batches with fruit from our orchard. However, in the early stage the availability of fruit was limited and extra fruit was sourced from the local area.

It’s all about cumquats, the main focus for ‘Cumquats Australia’ is to produce sensational cumquat products to please the palate of cumquat lovers. Our jars are packed full of fruit.

‘What’s old is new’!

Cumquat marmalade was a food experience from the back of grandma’s recipe book, now readily available from Cumquats Australia. The humble cumquat is now out of the marmalade jar and has fitting applications to a range of sensational recipes.

Currently there are 6 products in our range. Cumquat marmalade, Cumquat Star Anise & Cinnamon marmalade, Cumquat Syrup, Cumquat paste, Candied Cumquat and Pickled Cumquats.

All products are handmade in Cressbrook, Queensland Australia, they are made in small batches, are gluten free, do not contain artificial colours, artificial flavours or artificial preservatives. Because they choose to use fresh ingredients, and not add any artificial colours, thickeners or preservatives, each batch is individual and as such colour may vary slightly depending on the season and the variety used.

You can now regularly find these cumquat sensations at fresh farmer’s markets and online.

Her dream is for the humble ‘cumquat’ to be a commonly known citrus through a positive taste experience of an everyday culinary ingredient.