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Our Process

At Cumquats Australia, we produce a growing range of cumquat products, including marmalade, relishes, syrups and shrubs, all made with care using the freshest possible produce, harvested from our orchard in Cressbrook, Queensland, Australia.

Having our own orchard makes all the difference and ensures we have complete control of the growing process. Knowing exactly how the fruit was cared for and when to pick, is of the utmost importance to us. 

We currently have over 500 cumquat trees in our orchard, and in addition to growing cumquats, we also grow our own Ginger which is freshly harvested just hours before being prepared for use in the products we lovingly make for our customers.

Fresh ingredients are an essential and picking our produce just before it is prepared for the jam pan, ensures we are providing our customers with the highest quality products possible. 

And you won’t find any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of our products - we believe in doing things the old fashioned way and letting the flavours of the fruit speak for themselves.

Our preserves are all hand stirred in small batches with quality and authenticity at the heart of everything we produce. We have an attentive eye throughout the production process, using traditional methods for identifying the marmalade setting point - which in case you are curious, is the development of two drops falling simultaneously from a wooden spoon!

In addition to our handmade preserves, we also produce drinking shrubs using fresh ingredients sourced from our farm. This is another way of preserving our produce for later enjoyment and our small batch process allows plenty of time for the delicious fruit flavours to release their charm. 

We hope you and your family enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.



Founder, Cumquats Australia