Kaffir Ginger Shrub

1.175 kg

Kaffir Ginger Shrub- 

Made from our fresh grown kaffir and ginger.

The perfect aromatic addition in sparkling water for a thirst quenching drink. Add to a favourite Gin or Vodka. Create an aperitivo or simply use as a salad dressing. So many options! 

In Colonial times when freezing excess fruit was not an option, fruit was preserved in vinegar creating a delicious and healthy concentrate.  All products are handmade in Cressbrook, Queensland Australia, they are made in small batches, are gluten free, do not contain artificial colours, artificial flavours or artificial preservatives. Because they choose to use fresh ingredients, and not add any artificial colours, thickeners or preservatives, each batch is individual and as such colour may vary slightly depending on the season and the variety used.